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Explore The Wonders Of The Planet On A Trekking Holiday With Minimal Environmental Impact

People that respect and are passionate about the environment often enjoy to be in the outdoors. Unfortunately, certain recreational activities including travel can leave a negative impact on both social and physical environments. Following a few simple rules whilst on your trekking holiday can help in minimising this.

We all need to adapt in favour of the planet and there are options that allow outdoor enthusiasts to continue their adventures whilst producing a minimal impact.

If you have a concern for environmental issues but a love for adventure then you could consider a trekking holiday. There are a number of companies and regions that have developed trails specially built to promote environmental awareness and allow hikers to ‘see’ the wonders of the planet without damaging them.

What can be more idyllic than hiking through the rainforest swinging from side to side with your partner? Especially if you live in the tropics, theProtected Area (PA) is a dream come true for most naturalists.

developed and maintained by local people,The cone Muled Forest is made up of thousands of cones that have been carved over a period of thousands of years. The trees are so old that they are believed to be over 50 million years old and include rare and exotic varieties of palm trees,ANGELO’. The area is highly sensitive eco-system and is recommended for visitors who wish to learn more about the area and the environmental issues it raises.

Thousands of years of wind and rain have carved this preserve into fantastic gorges where you can view dry and wetland areas, scenic wetlands and the giant river otter. The wetland area below the canyon is alive with insect life and is a great place to spot turtles and monitor bird populations.

Although it is true that snakes and scorpions have been discovered in some parts of the preserve, the presence of mice, shrews, gopher, otters, badgers, Weimaran and other creatures are abundant in the rafters paths along with schools of pelicans, sea gulls, terns, gulls, swans, oystercatchers, Plovers and thrushes.

The retractable canopy tours allow trekkers to be re-inhabituated in their natural environment which is inhabiting over 4,000 species of plants and animals. The guides are wildlife enthusiasts and will not only introduce you to the flora and fauna of the Periyar wildlife sanctuary, but also suggest you try some of the exciting activities to see if you cannot.

Wildlife enthusiasts can take advantage of nature trails and nature walks, as well as a range of special activities like horse riding, fishing, counter culture tours and visits to the Garhwal Himalayan monument.

Chuli village offers some of the best pony rides in the world. A collection of wonderful water activities like from ecology walks, to boating and fishing on the estate of tranquil rivers is coupled with trips on the Rewa river bear watching through the night.

People fond of bird watching, jungle safari, trekking, jungle safari in equatorial rain forests or camping on thebanks of clear and shallow pools of water will find Sikkim an ideal destination.

It is the destination for adventure loving travelers who wish to track animals, fish in its pristine streams and bask in theOriginal Chandraic 26 Mill Gardens at Kurseong. These attractions make it the most desirable place on earth for wildlife enthusiasts.

It is a land of many streams and a paradise for bird lovers, who can observe flocks of migratory birds such as kingfishers, mynas, peafowl, egrets, pelicans and herons in its open skies. Lanka is a unique destination for bird watchers and a number of refreshing eco-systems, which include flooded wetlands and varieties of bamboo and cane growing anywhere on the Indian subcontinent are seen. These streams also support a number of freshwater angiosperms, which are found nowhere else on the planet. Due to these factors, Sikkim is considered one of the best places for ecotourism in India. Hence, it is not surprising to find thatSikkim is frequently visited by the global tourists. Some of the well-known tourist attractions and places of interest in Sikkim are:

Dzongri Trekking:

Sikkim is a wonderful trekking destination, which has attracted the attention of mountaineers from around the world since the early part of the 20th century. The nature is so benevolent and helpful that it has blessed us with various species of flora and fauna. Therefore, when we say that Sikkim is a paradise on earth, we can’t help but to fall in love with this place.